Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrup Mini Set


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We did it, friends: We miniaturized our Old Fashioned syrups. All five of our original Old Fashioned syrups are now available in a set of convenient 4 oz bottles. This new format offers several benefits:

  • Curious about Proof Syrup flavors but uneasy about buying whole 16 oz bottles of syrup you’re not positive you’ll use? Here you go.
  • Small bottles are super-portable, for cocktail hours away from home. They also take up less fridge/cooler real estate than the full-sizers. (More room for fancy meats and cheeses is what we’re driving at here.)
  • This set resolves gift-giving conundrums in an elegant and thoughtful fashion: Not sure which Old Fashioned flavor to get Pops for Father’s Day? Get ‘em all!
  • Looking to treat yo’ self? Boom.

The only reasonable conclusion: This is a must-have for any Proof Syrup drinker, cocktail lover, tippling fence-sitter, and connoisseur of cute, small versions of big things. Grab one up today!

    Each 4 oz bottle makes 8 cocktails.

    Serving size: ½ oz per cocktail.