Mythical Slyme – Glow in the Dark Fantastic Creatures


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The mythical creatures are on a mission to fundraise for mythical creature conservation… by donating their own body parts to the cause. It was difficult to trap enough dragon fart for these tins. And getting newts’ eyes while capturing the sound of werewolf howls wasn’t easy either. Anything for keeping magic alive, though.

Glow in the dark. 6 colors, 1 of each color.

Each case has 6 SKUs, one of each.

** These are meant to be sold in singles at retail. We ONLY sell them in sets online, we do not sell these individually. **

– Werewolf Howl
– Eye of a Newt
– Unicorn Ghost
– Goblin Gold
– Hippogriff Claws
– Basilisk Venom