Cinch it! – Big Cinch it!


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BIGGER THAN ORIGINAL CINCH IT! – The Big Cinch It! measures in at about 2.5 inches diameter. The larger size garment cinch clip will allow you to alter larger or thicker articles of clothing with ease.
INSTANT SOLUTION – Look thinner and feel more confident when your clothing fits better. Perfect for if you lost weight and still love your old clothes or just for a more snug fit! Great to use on: Dresses, blouses, shirts, scarves – Anything you want to fit just right
A CINCH TO USE – Temporarily transform any outfit or piece of clothing within seconds, without sharp pins or sewing! Simply place the Cinch It! on the inside (or outside) of your clothing, and pull the fabric through the center. In seconds you’ll have a perfect fit!
WILL NOT DAMAGE YOUR CLOTHING – Unlike sharp pins or metal garment clips, the Cinch It! will never damage or put holes in your beautiful clothes. The best, non-intrusive way to alter your clothing however you like!