Botanical Cocktail Mini Set


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We can think of lots of reasons why you might want to buy this mini set:

You agree that herbs + spirits sound delicious. You want to re-create a cocktail you had at a craft bar that (sadly) no longer exists. You need a cool host/hostess gift. You just can’t have enough adorably small bottles.

The very best reason, though? 

Trying new cocktails, any time, anywhere, for fun. 

As it happens, the Botanical Cocktail Mini Set was made for fun. It features five delicious, all-natural, meticulously crafted herbal and floral cocktail syrups in an uber-portable size and at a price that’s perfect for experimentation.

So treat yourself and your partner to something different. Or invite friends over to taste-test new cocktails. Shake up your post-work, at-home happy hour. Become your own favorite craft bartender. These syrups were made for fun, and they’re looking for a good time.

This set is a must-have for: 

  • Ardent fans of herbal cocktails
  • Mocktail aficionados (these syrups make brilliant alcohol-free drinks)
  • Cocktail adventurers lookin’ for a good time

In conclusion: If you’ve been reading this long, you want this set. Grab one now — these mini sets sell out fast.